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Investing in a sustainable future for indigenous communities. 


Environmentally preferable and safer range of cleaning products.


3% of Wirrpanda Supplies sales from the purchase of our cleaning chemicals are donated to the Waalitj Foundation.* 


Empower and build capacity amongst

Aboriginal individuals, their families and their communities.

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We believe Indigenous Peoples are critical partners and stakeholders within Australian society and our mission at Wirrpanda Supplies is to invest in a sustainable future for Indigenous communities.


David Wirrpanda is an accomplished and well-known former AFL player with 13 years of top level footy under his belt. Throughout his playing career, David was known for his hard work, passion and dedication. Since retiring from professional football, David directed his energy into the Wirrpanda Foundation (now named Waalitj Foundation) with the aim to support Indigenous communities. David’s goal is to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and build sustainable communities. In the process, he has become a respected Indigenous leader and mentor.


David identified an opportunity to close the loop between the education and training provided by the Foundation and employment opportunities for Indigenous youth.


As such, Wirrpanda Supplies was established as a joint-venture between David and Chemform, a 40-year-old family owned Australian company that manufactures and supplies cleaning products around the country.

The intention is to utilise the Foundation and create a direct pathway for young people to complete their training and transition directly into employment.

As majority owner and Managing Director, David Wirrpanda has three critical
business pillars to help achieve his mission. These include:

Waalitj Foundation - Contribute 3% of all chemical sales to the Waalitj Foundation.

Community - empower and build capacity amongst Aboriginal individuals, their families and their communities. 

Wirra Green - large range of environmentally preferable cleaning chemicals.

David Wirrpanda  I  Managing Director
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