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Our mission is to invest in a sustainable future for Indigenous communities

Wirrpanda Supplies founded by former AFL player David Wirrpanda, has teamed up with Joe Camilleri & Central Cleaning Supplies Aus Pty Ltd to leverage their combined expertise and resources.

This partnership aims to create substantial employment opportunities for Indigenous people while supporting the broader mission of Wirrpanda Supplies - invest in a sustainable future for Indigenous communities.


Our Mission - Investing in Indigenous futures 

At Wirrpanda Supplies, we believe Indigenous people are critical partners and stakeholders within Australian society.

Our mission is to empower these communities through meaningful employment and sustainable business practices. Our new outlet opening in the heart of Western Australia is a testament tp our commitment to creating a brighter, more inclusive future.


David Wirrpanda - AFL Start to Indigenous Leader

David Wirrpanda is renowned not only for his 13 year AFL career but also for his unwavering dedication to improving the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

After retiring from professional football, David founded the Wirrpanda Foundation (now named Waalitj Foundation), focusing on enhancing the quality of life for Indigenous communities.

David identified a critical opportunity to bridge the gap between education, training & employment for Indigenous youth. This vision led to the establishment of Wirrpanda Supplies, which seeks to create direct pathways from the Foundations training programs to employment opportunities within the company.

Business Pillars: Building a sustainable future

As the majority owner and managing director of Wirrpanda Supplies, David Wirrpanda has outlined three critical business pillars to achieve his mission:

1 - Education & Training - Collaborating with the Waalitj Foundation allowed David to provide comprehensive education & training programs for Indigenous youth.

2 - Employment Pathways - Allowing David to create direct employment opportunities for trainees to seamlessly transition from education to meaningful employment within Wirrpanda Supplies & its partners

3 - Sustainable Practices - Ensuring all business operations and initiatives are aligned with sustainable practices that benefit both the environment & the community.

Our new Perth outlet is a cornerstone of this strategy, offering a range of high quality Cleaning Supplies & Services while serving as a hub for training and employment for Indigenous people.

We invite the community, partners & stakeholders to join us in celebrating the opening of our new outlet.

Together we can make a significant impact & contribute to the development of sustainable and inclusive communities across Western Australia.


For more information about Wirrpanda Supplies and our mission, please contact our friendly team! 


Waalitj Foundation

3% of Wirrpanda Supplies sales from the purchase of our cleaning chemicals are donated to the Waalitj Foundation.* 

Wirra Green  

Large range of environmentally

preferable cleaning chemicals.

Introducing bio-degradable products & FSC quality paper!


Empower and build capacity amongst

Aboriginal individuals, their families and

their communities. 

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