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Investing in a sustainable future through Wirra Green

We understand that Indigenous Peoples often have profound and special connections to, and identification with lands and waters and that these are tied to their physical, spiritual, cultural well-being.

We also recognise that taking care of the Earth has become everyone’s responsibility and as such is a high priority for our business. To achieve this goal, we have formulated our “WIRRA GREEN” range of products. The WIRRA GREEN range of products provides performance, quality and safety, as well as environmental sustainability.

WIRRA Green Policy.

The definition of a “green” product can be very confusing. Consumers are confronted with all manner of conflicting claims that can be very difficult to understand. To assist those involved in the decision making process, the products in the WIRRA GREEN range must meet the following strict criteria:

✓  Products containing detergents must use only those classified as readily biodegradable defined by AS 4351 or OECD test methods.
✓  Whenever possible, products made from plant based renewable resources are selected.
✓  Our WIRRA  GREEN range contains no phosphates, oil-based hydrocarbons, chlorine, chlorinated hydrocarbons, carcinogens, alkyl phenol ethoxylates or heavy metals.
✓  Our WIRRA GREEN range is safer to use as the products are classified as non-dangerous according to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.
✓  Industrial degreasers are quick-breaking according to our stringent definition.
✓ Waste is minimised as we believe that the biggest environmental burden on the Earth is waste. All packaging used in the WIRRA GREEN range is of a recyclable nature. We encourage our clients to recycle this packaging via an approved recycling facility

We understand that environmental responsibility is broader than our product range.

We are committed to:

  • Continuous development of the WIRRA GREEN range.

  • Offsetting our carbon emissions by the purchase of government approved carbon offset credits for all our fuel and energy use. This extends from receipt of materials at our facility, through to manufacture and delivery.

  • Maintaining compliance with all applicable environmental legislation.

  • Review our environmental impact across all aspects of our manufacturing, warehousing, sales and transport.

  • Implementation of an emissions management plan to reduce our carbon emissions.

Together, we can build a more sustainable future.

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